Wet, Hot Indian Summer

Ode to Gandhi

Bikes in Parallel

Found a cool pair of bikes lying in parallel.

Found: Flower Garland

A series of photographs exposing the found objects of India.

Morning Mail: The Old and the News

These ancient war drums in the palace have found a new found a new purpose. No longer are there raging battles on the desert plains nor does the call of war need to be made. The handles of these copper monstrosities hold the mail that comes each morning. A charming confluence of the old and the news.

He Told Me in Sanskrit

Blindness is changing direction: my new spiritual guide.

Snooze with a View: Desert Living

Decided to camp out in the desert the other day. Here is a photograph taking from the foot of my cot. It is flat. Stared into the cracked, flat nothingness and watched the sunrise. Oh the places you’ll snooze!

Found: Peppers and Lime

A series of photographs exposing the found objects of India.

Doorways of India: Drangadhra, Gujarat

A series of photographs exploring the uniqueness of the threshold in India. 

Rickshaw Lovin’

Was on the search for an Allen wrench for my camera gear the other day. Was lead to a rickshaw and then later brought to his home. No luck finding one yet but did run into this glorious sight. Behold the most amazing wedding photo of your life. What a magical forest backdrop. I didn’t know they had trees in Gujarat?! An amazing find.